We are having a few problems with technical issues, ie website and e-mails so if you need to contact us please use the Telephone 01827-312561 or for existing members the Facebook page. To all of the people who have e-mailed and haven't had a reply, we are not ignoring you we will try and get back to you when we have sorted out all of the problems. At least the website is back up (Phew)

CLICK HERE for Summer holiday gym closure dates. Have a great summer.

Hello and welcome to the official website of      Mo-Gylity the Tamworth based gymnastics club. This site has been launched to keep our members informed about what is happening in the club, future events, results etc.  If you would like to contact us regarding gymnastics classes then either call us on 01827-312561 or E-mail us on mail@mo-gylity.com